Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Services

The purpose of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Services is to foster empowerment, promote independence and encourage self-fulfillment, self-determination and community participation for all individuals and families we serve. Services are designed to increase socialization skills, community inclusion and awareness, improve self-esteem, teach new skills and develop vocational abilities.


Skill-building Services focus on identified areas for improvement in areas such as:


Mobility Training

Telling Time

Money Management & Budgeting

Meal Preparation

Vocational Skills

Pre-Employment Services

Referral to Employment Services

Communication & Language

Human Growth & Development

Self-Advocacy & Empowerment

Community Integration

Fine & Gross Motor Activity

Enhancement of Sensory Skills

Fostering Friendships and Social Awareness

Supported Employments purpose is to teach skills, find employment opportunities and provide support after employment.

There three pathways to accomplish these goals:

Micro-Enterprise Businesses

Work Enclaves (Captain Clean Janitorial Services)

Integrated Community Employment

*Transportation Services complimentary for program attendance

Peer Mentoring Services was initiated in November 2017 to support and assist individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve community inclusion, participation, independence and productivity as described in the individual\'s person-centered plan.

Services include but not limited to:

Assisting individuals in identifying their goals and the steps by which to accomplish them;

Building bridges to people and resources;

Providing support through benefit of shared experiences;

Working as a collaborator with others;

Helping peers to help themselves

Consumer Korner (TBD-) will serve as a voice for consumers to show and talk about their life experiences, dreams and goals.

Consumer Success Stories

Life Experiences

Community Engagement Events

Volunteer Services

Recreational/Social Interactions

Pictures/Videos of Self Determination, Independence, Unity, Responsibility and Advocacy

Supports Coordination Services

Services are designed to assist people and their families in accessing community services such as health care, transportation and other resources. The Supports Coordinator works with community resources and other staff members to provide a community support system of care.

Assessment & Evaluation

Individual Service Plan Development

Linking & Coordination of Clinically Appropriate Services that may include community living supports, respite, Autism services, just to name a few

Follow-Up & Monitoring of services/supports


Assistance with Obtaining Guardianship

Rehabilitation Therapy

Psychological Testing and behavioral therapy services

Psychiatric Evaluation & Medication Monitoring


IDDS Conner is a Skill-Building, Supported Employment and Supports Coordination program located on the eastside of Detroit at 4401 Conner 1/2 block north of Mack avenue.

IDDS Conner opened its doors September 2013. It has been advocating for and providing services to the IDD population for six years and counting at that location. Supports Coordination services are provided out of both the Conner and Romulus Locations, as well as in Macomb County. We service both Adults and Children in all of Wayne County; and Adults in all of Macomb County.


There are fifth-teen community integration activities per month. The supported employment program has a work enclave that works daily providing janitorial services. The micro enterprise program participates in two sales events minimum a month that is community focused. In addition, they are open for business daily for three hours. Weekly and monthly events are scheduled on a regular basis to foster community engagement, social development, financial responsibility and safety awareness.

Holiday Closure

Nov 23, 2023—Nov 24, 2023

Back-in-School Health Resource Fair

Oct 01, 2023 12:00PM—5:00PM

Inkster Urgent Care, 388 Inkster Rd, Inkster, MI

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